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Fundraising Initative 2011

The 2011 fundraising initiative for the Rocky Mountain House Health Centre (RMHHC) was to enhance the delivery of health care to cardiac patients requiring treatment with Rocky Mountain House Health Centre. The purchase of new cardiac monitoring equipment would ensure that patients are supported with state-of-the-art cardiac assessment and networked observation equipment. Physicians will now have the ability to review the cardiac rhythms of patients in real-time on their iPhone or iPad. This will improve collaboration with local doctors and specialists who are not directly available on site.  Care to patients will be significantly improved. 

In addition to the monitors and new technology, fundraised dollars supported the purchase of telemetry equipment. The telemetry equipment will further help staff provide care for the various needs of heart patients, ­­from those who need the most intensive monitoring, to those who are well on their way to recovery and preparing to go home. The equipment will allow patients to move freely on the unit while undergoing continuous monitoring, allowing for cardiac assessment both at rest and during activity.

Cardiology conveys extreme diversity; from heart attack and post-op patients, to those with abnormal heart rhythms or pacemakers, the department faces several different conditions. The new equipment will help the staff at RMHHC be better equipped to respond to a range of patient needs.

The complete equipment list came with a price tag of $250,000. 

Thanks to the outstanding generosity of community members, local businesses several Oil & Gas companies, RMHHC was able to complete its fundraising goal.

The telemetry equipment and specialized monitors have arrived at the Rocky Mountain House Health Centre. 

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