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About Us

The role of the Rocky Mountain House Health Foundation is to:

  • Take a lead role in fundraising to ensure resources are available for purchasing equipment and supporting programs at the Rocky Mountain House Health Centre.
  • Raise awareness in the community about health needs.

The Donations Committee is composed of:

  • 1 representative from Rocky Mtn. House Community Health Services
  • 1 representative from Rocky Mtn. House Health Centre, Acute Care Services
  • 1 representative from Rocky Mtn. House Health Centre Management, (Site Manager)
  • Up to 7 community members from Rocky Mtn. House and surrounding area
  • 1 representative from Rocky Mtn. House Health Centre, Volunteer Resources
  • 1 representative from David Thompson Health Trust
  • Ad Hoc members as needs dictate.


Meet your committee members!

Dexter Kjorlien, Hospital Auxiliary Rep

Terri Kalyn, Community Rep 

Tammy Cote, Community Rep 

Dale Shippelt, Community Rep

Phyllis Loewen, Community Rep

Ann Stewart, Community Rep

Marlene Levinsky, Community Rep

Shirley Hope, Site Manager

Marliss Cartier, NFS Supervisor

 Donation Comittee Membership 2016 -01.JPG

Shirley Hope, Site Manager

Our community and our hospital are very blessed to have the support of the local Donations Committee.  Over the past seven years these hard working volunteers have made it possible for our local hospital to purchase an incredible amount of equipment to improve patient comfort, and to assist health care workers to provide the best care possible using state of the art equipment.  

I am involved with the Rocky Mountain House Health Centre Donations Committee for two reasons.  Firstly, I am committed to ensuring that our local hospital is able to provide quality care by having the right supports for patients and health care workers.  Secondly, I am involved as the Site Manager, to offer direction to the volunteer committee by identifying fundraising priorities, in accordance with AHS services and guidelines.

Thanks to everyone for your role in supporting quality local health care services.


Dexter Kjorlien, Hospital Auxiliary Rep

As a member of the Hospital Auxiliary I was appointed to the committee as their representative.  I assist the volunteer coordinator at our different functions to get the help we need, to be successful.  I enjoy being a volunteer, and interacting with the different people from all works of life.

  • P: 403.847.6641
  • E:

5016 52nd Avenue, Rocky Mountain House, AB, T4T 1T2

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