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Rocky Health Foundation

Supporting Healthcare initiatives in our community to enhance the quality of life for patients and families

Current Fundraising Causes

  • Operation Healthy Hospital ($250,000)

    We are in need of funds for local healthcare program enhancements.  These include maternity and newborn care, the operating room program and endoscopy program.    

    Two specialists have relocated to support our healthcare team and are eager to provide surgery and consultations.  To support their work the hospital is in need of upgrades to Operating room instruments, tools and equipment.

    We are also in need of upgrades to ensure that we continue to have high quality instrument sterilization access at the site.  Managing the care of women during childbirth and their newborns requires continual updates to ensure safety and best outcomes.


    Funds raised will result in improvements in 

    .  Operating Room

    .  Endoscopy

    .  Maternity / Newborn

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